Welcome to forember

Where every person has the opportunity to be remembered and honored.

We Remember

Close your eyes. Take a moment. Think deeply about someone who made your life better. Someone that you wish you could honor. Someone that you never want to forget. Maybe the person you are thinking of is still present today.

Forember is a way that you can create an intimate community to share personal connections with this loved one. This community will help them feel loved, valued and appreciated as you help them create a living legacy.

Maybe the person you are thinking of has passed away and your heart yearns to be close to them. But you're not sure how to fill the emptiness. Are you searching for ways to remember the good times, the sound of their voice or to keep their stories alive? Forember is a way to collect the best memories and leave a lasting legacy in their name.

Take a moment to recognize that your life and those closest to you are valued. Forember is for everyone.

Forember is for you.

Our Vision

To provide every person with the opportunity to be remembered and honored.

Our Mission

To create a living legacy by capturing the best of life's memories.

Our Values

  • Love

    Caring for and thinking of others.

  • Honor

    Knowing you are valued and appreciated.

  • Encourage

    Build others up to engage and inspire.

About Us

Matt and Rachel Braund


  • My dream is to be a
  • You'll never see me
  • My Favorite Color
  • All time Favorite Place
  • One thing that cheers me up
  • Favorite Ice Cream flavor
  • In my free time, i like to
  • Top of my Bucket List


  • World traveller
  • Sing karaoke alone
  • green
  • outdoors
  • family
  • vanilla bean
  • play sports & ride bike
  • sky dive


  • party planner/organizer
  • watch a horror movie
  • green
  • home
  • sunshine
  • mint chocolate chip
  • walk, golf, thrift & craft
  • travel to Ireland